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 Parrots Lovingly Hand Raised and Socialized
for Your Home

We are a small family run aviary.  By keeping it small we can ensure our baby bird (and their parents of course) get top notch care and quality time.   We are a closed aviary (meaning the public is not allowed access to our birds) and our babies are only seen at separate location through approved appointments only. Our birds health is our number one concern.  All our babies are banded, and weaned/being weaned to a pellet/veggie diet.  Unlike a lot of breeders we feed our birds very low seed as it is detrimental to their health.  We are licensed with Florida Fish and Wildlife. They will be DNA sexed and come with certificate of disease testing. We test for PBFD, Psittacosis and Polyoma. Our babies are very sweet, playful and will be well socialized, we also allow our babies to fly so they are sure of themselves.
Transport: We do not ship babies in cargo due to risks of injury or worse. However most of our buyers are from out of state. You can fly in to pick up your baby and fly back with her in a carrier that goes on your lap. I can provide you with the info needed to make it a very smooth process. Most of our buyers purchase this way and it has worked out very well. You are welcome to pick up at our location or we can meet you at Miami Airport.  
Non- Refundable Deposit is required to hold your baby until pickup. 
Deposit is 1/3 of the total price of the bird. The remainder of the payment is to be paid upon pickup of your baby. We do not offer payment plans. We do not allow our birds to leave our facility until full payment has been made. I also do not mind holding a baby for you until your able to make the full payment. 




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Miami, FL

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